But to this work we must come at last. possessed a fine and well cultivated mind, great penetration, and a tact at discriminating character, rarely equalled. Thus securing a majority to be on your side in the general administration of the school, is absolutely indispensable to success. After you have written it, you may bring it to me, and I will: tell you whether it is right. It is often wisdom to understand it beforehand. Bring the principles of the Bible forward when the mind is calm, when the emotions are quieted, and all within is at rest; and in exhibiting them, be actuated not by a desire to make your duties of government easier, but to promote the real and permanent happiness of your charge. Scene; a class in Arithmetic at recitation. " 1. (2. The untidy desk.

While, however, it is thus distinctly understood that the power of the teacher is supreme, that all the power rests in him, and that he alone is responsible for its exercise, pc isa bus io control cards there ought, to be a very free and continual _delegation_ of power to the pupils. Showing the connexion between the studies of school and the business of life. Your pupils, Edward, John. " James said it would be pleasanter. But a moment's reflection will show, that such a preference is founded on a very mistaken view. On the other hand, if _instruction_ is all that is aimed at, and _recitation_, (by which I mean, as above explained, such an examination of individuals as is necessary to ascertain that they have faithfully performed the tasks assigned,) is neglected, the exercise soon becomes not much more than a lecture, to which those, and those only, will attend, who please. ) It disgusts the young persons to whom it is addressed, and prevents their being interested in what is said. pc isa bus io control cards I need not say, that I mean, Reading, Writing, and Calculation.

Difficulties must be explained; questions must be answered; the path must be smoothed, and the way pointed out, by a guide, who has travelled it before, or it will be impossible for the pupil to go on.

Now there is a very reasonable, and almost universally established rule, which teachers are very frequently prone to forget, viz. They are all interested, and they see he is interested. _Emily. The sins of childhood are by nine tenths of mankind enormously overrated, and perhaps none overrate them, more extravagantly, than teachers. " * * * * * Two teachers may therefore manage their schools in totally different ways: so that one of them, may necessarily find the business a dull, mechanical routine, except as it is occasionally varied by perplexity and irritation; and the other, a prosperous and happy employment. _ Forty-four cents.

" The cases of those who are unprepared at a recitation, ought, by no means, to be passed by, unnoticed, although it would be unwise to spend much time in examining each, in detail. [I omit the particular explanation of the duties of the officers, as the arrangement must vary in different schools, and the details of any one plan can only be useful in the school-room to which it belongs. By this government, all laws which related to the internal police of the Institution, were to be made, all officers were appointed, and all criminal cases were to be tried.

This regulation then, viz. I do not think the plan I am going to describe a wise one; but I do think that the teacher, while trying it, must _have been interested in his intellectual experiment_. _ 'Will you try to speak pc isa bus io control cards a little louder, Miss A.

He obtained the approbation of the Principal, and the Grand Jury found a bill. Another teacher thinks he must, to discharge his duty, give a certain amount weekly, of what he considers religious instruction.

The French nation has been, for some time, as is well known, strongly agitated with questions of politics. These misdemeanors are tried, half in jest, and half in earnest, by a sort of _court_, whose forms of process might make a legal gentleman smile. They become, by such means, familiarized to pc isa bus io control cards the practice, and by means of it, the teacher can, many times, receive most important assistance. It can be done in such a manner, that the pupil will see the propriety of it, and acquiesce pleasantly in it. _ Well, so we will. ,' said a teacher, 'how many kinds of magnitude are there?' _Miss A. It would bring the teacher into an acquaintance with several important families and groups of children, under the most favorable circumstances. If ever I see your desk in such a state again, I shall most certainly punish you. Stems not straight. It is not right to call it a prejudice, for, although a single individual may conceive a prejudice, whole communities very seldom do, unless in some case, which is presented at once to the whole, so that looking at it, through a common medium, all judge wrong together. Sometimes these difficulties have amounted to an open rupture; at other times, only to a slight and temporary misunderstanding, arising from what the pc isa bus io control cards teacher calls an unwise and unwarrantable interference on the part of the committee, or the trustees, in the arrangements of the school.

I shall never reproach you, and perhaps pc isa bus io control cards may not even know what your choice is. "Why! Mr. I have already alluded to this subject in the preceding chapter; and probably the greater majority of actual teachers will admit the truth of the view there presented. Have I ever had to speak to you before for playing together in school?" "Yes sir, I believe you have," says one, looking down. )The teacher should be interested in _all_ his scholars, and aim equally to secure the progress of all. Difficulties of some sort very often arise. I should very probably do this by addressing a note to you, as I suppose this should be less unpleasant to you than a conversation. They who wander from duty, always plunge themselves into troubles they do not anticipate; and if you do what, at the time you are doing it, you know to be wrong, it will not be unjust that you should suffer the consequences, even if they were not beforehand understood and expected.
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